Freedom Turf encourages industry professionals to join the fight. Initially, we reach out to professionals in our industry – the synthetic grass industry. BUT IT IS NOT LIMITED TO OUR INDUSTRY. You can become a Freedom Fighter and support those on the front lines. We want to MAKE NOISE about this silent crime, this horrible, evil, prevalent abuse of human beings in our cities and around the world. We also want to support those on the front lines. We do that primarily through consistent, structured, monthly giving. And we need MORE FIGHTERS, so we ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO JOIN THE FIGHT. We support organizations that do not waste money. These organizations have been carefully selected and we will support others, too. We want to support any LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATION that IS getting it done around the world. They need our help, and we do this with a concept called INCREMENTAL GIVING.

What is INCREMENTAL GIVING? It is simple. We want you to make a commitment of one penny, or two pennies, or 5 or 10 pennies for every unit you sell. Be it carpet, or turf, or sand, crumb rubber or rock, WHATEVER. Typically this is by the pound or square foot, depending on the industry. This does NOT have to affect your bottom line, either. You can give from existing prices, you can cut costs, or slightly raise your prices. Raising your price 5 cents or ten cents per square foot will not affect your closing ratio. That incremental gain is then FOR FREEDOM, and NOT for your bottom line. That money can be doubled if a sales person also gives incrementally. And even tripled if the supplier gives. Think about it, make a commitment, and then join the fight by submitting the pledge form below. Every month you will get an email reminder to send your support to help the Freedom Fighters on the front lines. It is that simple. But this simple, consistent effort WILL SAVE LIVES.


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